Limited Mobility Is Inevitable

Muscle weakness, joint problems and neurological concerns affect a person's ability to move around. As a matter of fact, 31.7% of adults aged 65+ have limited mobility.

Aging in Place Safely

40% of nursing home admissions are from falls. The bathroom accounts for 80% of all falls in the home. This is why it's so important to fall-proof your bathroom - before you fall.

Attractive Safety Options

If a full remodel isn't in the budget, there are many safety options to fit your budget. Companies like Moen also offer a full line of stylish options to match your décor. 

Expert Advice, Exceptional Customer Service & an Unforgettable Human Experience

MEASURAbilities specializes in clinically guided fall prevention and home safety modification services. Our physical therapist provides home safety assessments to ensure your parents' home is a fall free environment.

Our physical therapist offers customized safety recommendations based on individual diagnosis, physical limitations and the ergonomic specifications of the environment, ensuring optimal fall prevention safety outcomes.

Our clinically guided solutions will ensure your parents can navigate their home environment safely and with confidence.

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